Friday, June 26, 2009

Ornette Coleman - Tomorrow Is The Question!

Ornette Coleman - Tomorrow Is The Question! (1959)

Jazz / Avant-Garde

One of the most important (and controversial) innovators of the jazz avant-garde, Ornette Coleman gained both loyal followers and lifelong detractors when he seemed to burst on the scene in 1959 fully formed. Although he, and Don Cherry in his original quartet, played opening and closing melodies together, their solos dispensed altogether with chordal improvisation and harmony, instead playing quite freely off of the mood of the theme. Coleman's tone (which purposely wavered in pitch) rattled some listeners, and his solos were emotional and followed their own logic. In time, his approach would be quite influential, and the quartet's early records still sound advanced many decades later. (from the AMG biography)


1. Tomorrow is the question
2. Tears inside
3. Mind and time
4. Compassion
5. Giggin'
6. Rejoicing
7. Lorraine
8. Turnaround
9. Endless

Ornette Coleman: alto sax
Don Cherry: trumpet
Red Mitchell, Percy Heath: bass
Shelly Manne: drums

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