Saturday, October 15, 2011

CARPE DIEM - Cueille Le Jour (1997)

Track Listing:

1. Couleurs (21:38)
2. Naissance (3:23)
3. Le Miracle de la Saint-Gaston (3:38)
4. Laure (2:44)
5. Tramontane (3:37)
6. Divertimento (3:56)
7. Rencontre (Except from Couleurs - English Version) (3:22)

Total Time: 42:18

Line-up / Musicians

- Christian Truchi / organ, string ensemble, keyboards and vocals
- Gilbert Abbenanti / guitar
- Alain Berge / bass
- Alain Faraut / drums
- Claude-Marius David / flute, sopransaxophon and percussion

Available in lossless

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quantum - De acá (2011)

Track list
1. A fuego lento (H. Salgán)
2. Libertango (A. Piazzolla)
3. La Cumparsita (G. Matos - Rodríguez)
4. Nocturna (J. Plaza)
5. Tanguera (M. Mores)
6. Caja Chica (M. Cabello)
7. Oblivión (A. Piazzolla)
8. A mis viejos (O. Berlingieri)
9. Tema otoñal (E. Francini)
10. Taquito militar (M. Mores)
11. Danzarín (J. Plaza)
12. Canaro en París (A. Scarpino - J. Caldarella)
13. Los Mareados (J. C. Cobián - E. Cadícamo)
14. Por una cabeza (A. Lepera - C. Gardel)
15. 25 Watts (Quantum).

Line up

- Miguel Brignole: guitarra eléctrica
- Matías Cabello: piano
- Mateo Terrile: bandoneón
- Sebastián Garayen: bajo
- José Avena: batería
Músicos invitados:
Omar Mollo: voz en "Los Mareados"
Julieta Bril: violines en "Tanguera"
Juan Oscar Guzmán: viola en "Tanguera"
Adrian Speziale: cello en "Tanguera".

(available in lossless)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hyacintus - Fantasia en concerto

HYACINTHUS is the one-man project of Jacinto Miguel Corral, a classically trained and multi-instrumentalist from Argentina. His style is melodic symphonic prog in the pure 70's tradition and shows his strong classical roots (Wagner and Mahler mostly come to mind). Both of his cd's are concept albums featuring Latimer-like guitar solos, melodic synths and lush keyboards reminiscent of Rick Wakeman.

In "Fantasia en Concerto", eight guests contribute extra bass, keyboards, cello and vocals. A drummer is also credited but the drums sound almost entirely electronic, bringing the overall enjoyment down a notch - a common flaw to both albums. Where Corral really shines is as a guitarist, churning out some heart felt and uplifting melodies as well as slower, darker tunes. This is accessible material but the multi-layered structures provide enough nuances to keep the listener on his toes.

Recommended to fans of melodic prog such as The ENID, CAMEL, Mike OLDFIELD and the likes.

Hyacintus - Fantasia en concerto (2003)

Symphonic Prog • Argentina

Studio Album, released in 2003

Songs / Tracks Listing


2. L'Over (3:27)
4. Antique song (5:09)
6. Geomelodysong (3:36)
8. Relmu Tromen (4:40)
10. Désir de Liberté (E.14) (5:18)
11. PASSAGE TERRA V (1:05)
12. Intimo (3:40)
14. White Mind (6:47)
16. Quién eres Tú (6:45)

Line-up / Musicians

- Jacinto Miguel Corral / guitars, keyboards, bass, violin, cello, percussion, vocals

- Jose Luis Hernandez / drums
- Hugo Bistolfi / keyboards (16)
- Adrian Barilari / vocals (16)
- Daniel Sanchez / stick and bass (10)
- Victor Sanchez / percussion (4,10,12)
- Ariel Sanchez / melodica (10)
- Ana de Marchi / cello (10)
- Mery / vocals (10)

(available in lossless format)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Egberto Gismonti - Magico

Egberto Amin Gismonti (born December 5, 1947 in Carmo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian composer, guitarist and pianist.

Gismonti began his formal music studies at the age of six on piano. After studying classical music for 15 years, he went to Paris to study with orchestration and analysis with Nadia Boulanger and composer Jean Barraqué, a disciple of Schoenberg and Webern. After his return to Brazil, Gismonti began to explore other musical genres. He was attracted by Ravel's approach to orchestration and chord voicings, as well as by "choro", a Brazilian instrumental popular music featuring various types of guitars. In order to play this music he learned to play guitar, beginning on the 6-string classical instrument and switching to a ten-stringed guitar in 1973. He spent two years experimenting with different tunings and searching for new sounds. This exploration of timbre is further reflected in his use of kalimbas, sho, voice, bells, etc. By the early '70s, he had laid the groundwork for his current style which incorporated elements drawn from musicians as wide-ranging as Django Reinhardt and Jimi Hendrix. In the 1970s and 1980s he collaborated several times with Nana Vasconcelos recording for ECM. Some best-selling albums such as the Brazilian released eponymous Egberto Gismonti were never officially released in the US.

EGBERTO GISMONTI - Magico (1979)

Country : Brazil

Track Listing:

1.- Bailarina
2.- Magico
3.- Silence
4.- Spor
5.- Palhaço


- Charlie Haden / bass
- Jan Garbarek / saxophones
- Egberto Gismonti / guitars, piano

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera that became a musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. It highlights the political and interpersonal struggles of Judas Iscariot and Jesus. The rock opera is based on the canonical gospels' accounts of the last week of Jesus' life, beginning with Jesus and his followers arriving in Jerusalem and ending with the Crucifixion. Twentieth-century attitudes and sensibilities as well as contemporary slang pervade the lyrics, and ironic allusions to modern life are scattered throughout the political depiction of the events. Stage and film productions accordingly feature many intentional anachronisms.

A large part of the plot focuses on the character of Judas who is depicted as a tragic figure who is dissatisfied with what he views as Jesus' lack of planning, and is alarmed by the relatively recent claims of his divinity.

Jesus Christ Superstar [Original London Cast]

Year : 1970


A1 Overture 3:59
A2 Heaven on Their Minds 4:23
A3 What's the Buzz/Strange Things Mystifying 4:13
A4 Everything's Alright 5:15
A5 This Jesus Must Die 3:36
B1 Hosanna 2:07
B2 Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem 4:49
B3 Pilate's Dream 1:28
B4 The Temple 4:43
B5 Everything's Alright 0:34
B6 I Don't Know How to Love Him 3:36
B7 Damned for All Time/Blood Money 5:11
C1 The Last Supper 7:10
C2 Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) 5:33
C3 The Arrest 3:24
C4 Peter's Denial 1:27
C5 Pilate and Christ 2:46
C6 King Herod's Song (Try It and See) 3:02
D1 Judas's Death 4:17
D2 Trial Before Pilate (Including the 39 Lashes) 5:13
D3 Superstar 4:16
D4 Crucifixion 4:04
D5 John Nineteen Forty-One 2:10

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yann Tiersen - Les Retrouvailles

Yann Tiersen - Les Retrouvailles (2005)

Genre: Instrumental/Vocal



01. Western
02. Kala
03. Loin Des Villes
04. La Veillée
05. Plus D'hiver
06. A Ceux Qui Sont Malades Par Mer Calme
07. A Secret Place
08. Le Matin
09. Les Enfants
10. Le Jour De L'ouverture
11. La Boulange
12. La Plage
13. Mary
14. 7:Pm
15. Les Retrouvailles
16. La Jetée

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yann Tiersen - Le Phare

Yann Tiersen - Le Phare (1998)

Genre: Instrumental
Label: Virgin (France)

Le Phare (English: The Lighthouse) is the third album by French composer Yann Tiersen. This was the album putting him into the limelight, collaborating with distinguished French songwriter Dominique A (who wrote and provided vocals to both Monochrome and Les Bras de mer). Typical of Tiersen's work, violin, mandolin, accordion and piano feature heavily, as well as some more unusual instrumentation including a bicycle wheel, typewriters and saucepans. Three songs from this album, La Dispute, La Noyee and Sur le fil were used later for Tiersen's soundtrack for the film Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain.


01. Le quartier
02. La rupture
03. Monochrome
04. La dispute
05. L'arrivée sur l'ile
06. La noyée
07. Le fromveur
08. L'homme aux bras ballants
09. Sur le fil
10. Les jours heureux
11. La crise
12. Les bras de mer
13. La chute
14. L'effondrement
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