Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Os Mutantes - S/T

OS MUTANTES was a Brazilian band formed in the late sixties, pretty much influenced in the beginning by the BEATLES and by the Brazilian musical scene at the time (the movement called Tropicalia, which they participated then). In the beginning, the band was formed by Rita Lee (vocals and percussion), Sergio Dias (guitar and vocals) and his brother Arnaldo Baptista (bass, keyboards and vocals), with Ronaldo "Dinho" Leme on drums as invited musician. They were very psychedelic at their first formation (sounding more or less to BEATLES´s “Sgt. Peppers”), filled with a touch of humour and experimentalism, then they "evolved" to a very progressive "like YES" style in the end.

Their first album, untitled "Os Mutantes", was a break down in the Brazilian scene, since they brought with their music the experimentalism that was missing in our music.

Os Mutantes - 1968 - S/T

Studio Album, released in 1968

Track Listings

Side 1

1. Panis Et Circensis
2. A Minha Menina
3. O Relógio
4. Adeus Maria Fulô
5. Baby
6. Senhor F

Side 2

7. Bat Macumba
8. Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour
9. Trem Fantasma
10. Tempo No Tempo
11. Ave Gengis Khan


- Rita Lee / vocals, effects
- Arnaldo Dias Baptista / bass, vocals
- Sergio Dias Baptista / guitars, vocals

- Rogério Duprat / arrangements
- Jorge Ben / vocals, guitar (2)
- Dirceu / drums

- Manuel Baroenbein / producer


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