Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sleeping Me - Lamenter

Sleeping Me - Lamenter (2009)
"Thick, melancholic and evocatively haunting soundscapes created entirely by guitar, the music of Sleeping Me employs a balance of delicacy, power and gentle reverb to present an affecting sound that's resplendent in its warmth and fiery beauty. 'Lamenter', closely following stunning debut full-length 'Cradlesongs' on celebrated Australian imprint Hidden Shoal, proves that Sleeping Me's sound finds peace in even the most heartbreaking of circumstances, rarely has the devil's instrument of choice sounded so heavenly. ' (from the label)

credits :
Artist: Sleeping Me
Album: Lamenter
Genre: ambient / guitar, experimental
Year: 2009
Label: Phantom Channel

you can download it from here
released 01 August 2009
Clayton McEvoy /

1 Bleeding Riverbed 2:45
2 Kinski For Halloween 5:21
3 Northern Pacific 5:00
4 Redeemer 6:58
5 The Magnanimous Security Guard 7:12


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