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Ross - Ross

Bob Jackson (born 1949, Coventry, England), is a keyboardist/guitarist whose career has been interwoven with various rock and pop bands since the early 1970s. Jackson formed his first professional rock group in 1969, called "Indian Summer". The group released the album Indian Summer in 1971, and then disbanded the following year.

John Entwistle of the Who wanted to tour in 1972 with his own band. He therefore formed a new band "Rigor Mortis" in 1972 Bob Jackson was the keyboard player of this group and Alan Ross was the guitarist. Both played on their debut tour.
Once the "Rigor Mortis" tour had ended Bob Jackson and fellow bandmate Alan Ross decided to put together their own group in 1973, calling themselves "Ross" and recorded two albums on RSO Records; "Ross" in 1973 and "The Pit and the Pendulum" 1974. This hard rock group failed to capture an audience and disbanded after the release of its second album. Jackson joined Badfinger and several other groups.

They gave us two extremely rare and overlooked albums, a great funky and soul stuff. Enjoy!

Ross - Ross

Year : 1974


01 Alright By Me (Alan Ross / Steve Emery / Bob Jackson)
02 You're Looking Down A Road (Alan Ross)
03 Wherever You Go (Alan Ross)
04 Caroline (Alan Ross)
05 Changes (Alan Ross)
06 Help Me Understand (Alan Ross)
07 Blackbird (Alan Ross)
08 I Need Your Love (Alan Ross)
09 Buxton (Alan Ross)
10 Leave It All Behind You (Alan Ross)


Alan Ross: guitar, vocals
Bob Jackson: keyboards, vocals
Steve Emery: bass, vocals
Tony Fernandez: drums, percussion
Rueben White: percussion

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