Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smokie - Chasing Shadows (1992) U.K.

“ Smokie is an English rock band from Bradford who found success in Europe in the 1970s. Originally called The Yen, then The Sphynx and later Essence, the band was formed in 1965 at St. Bede's Grammar School in Heaton, Bradford. It was composed of Chris Norman (lead vocals/rhythm guitar/piano) born Christopher Ward Norman, 25 October 1950, Redcar, North Yorkshire), Terry Uttley (born Terence David Uttley, 9 June 1951, Bradford, West Yorkshire) (bass/vocals), Alan Silson (lead guitar/vocals) (born 21 June 1951, Bradford, West Yorkshire) and Ron Kelly (drums) (born Ronald Bruce Kelly, 10 February 1950, Winchester, Hampshire). As Essence, they toured small clubs in Bradford and the surrounding communities. The band became The Black Cats in 1966 and in Nov 1967 the band changed their name to The Four Corners. Wikipedia ”

Smokie - Chasing Shadows (1992)


01. Don't Play That Game With Me
02. You're So Different Tonight
03. Respect
04. Lyin' In The Armes Of The One You Love
05. Don't Stop This Love
06. The Rain Came Down
07. Chasing Shadows
08. One Night In Vienna
09. All My Life
10. I'd Die For You
11. Remember The Days
12. Scream You Guitar

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