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Björk - Post

During her childhood, Björk studied flute, piano, and voice. She made her first solo album at the age of 12; four years later in 1981, she formed her first band, Tappi Tíkarrass, a post-punk outfit influenced strongly by Siouxsie and The Banshees.

When two songs of the band were included in the documentary "Rock in Reykjavik" (about the Icelandic New Wave) in '82, Björk was recognized as one of the most promising talents of Iceland.

In 1983, several artists of the Icelandic New Wave were invited to form a "supergroup" for a radio program. During this time, she met Einar Orn and Sigtryggur Baldursson. She formed KUKL while simultaneously being a member of Tappi Tíkarass. When the latter released their final album at the end of 1983, KUKL was already Björk's main creative outlet. During the next 2 years, the band developed its personality, influenced primarily by jazz and political post punk. However, KUKL disbanded in the middle of 1986.

On June 8, 1986, she formed Sykurmolarnir (better known as The Sugarcubes) with the guitarist Thor Eldon. Due to the sucess of their first single, "Birthday / Birthday (Icelandic)", released by the UK independent label One Little Indian Records, they signed with Elektra Records which enabled them to release their debut album Life's Too Good in the US. In 1990, while she was a member of the Sugarcubes, Björk released Gling-Gló, an album of Icelandic jazz tunes and standards. The Sugarcubes broke up in 1992. As the main focus of the group, her decision to then pursue a solo career seemed a logical move.

She moved to London in 1993 and this allowed her to work with producers from the British dance music scene. One of them, Nellee Hooper, oversaw the production of Debut. Following the release of this album, Björk became widely recognized by the public and music critics, due in great part to the success of singles "Human Behaviour" and "Venus as a Boy". Her post-Debut work found her working with producers such as Mark Bell on Homogenic, collaborating with graphic designers (M Company, M/M Paris) and video directors (Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham) to develop her artistic universe.

Björk - Post

Year : 1995

Track listing

1 Army of Me 3:54
2 Hyper-Ballad 5:21
3 The Modern Things 4:10
4 It's Oh So Quiet 3:38
5 Enjoy 3:57
6 You've Been Flirting Again 2:29
7 Isobel 5:47
8 Possibly Maybe 5:06
9 I Miss You 4:03
10 Cover Me 2:06
11 Headphones 5:40

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