Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Order - Low Life

Influential British band formed by the remaining members of Joy Division with the addition of keyboard player Gillian Gilbert, following the suicide of singer, Ian Curtis.

Their debut, Movement, released in 1981, was a continuation of the Joy Division sound and was seen by some at the time as a disappointment. However, after a string of increasingly well-received singles, they found success with the "Blue Monday / The Beach" single in 1983, which would go on to become the biggest-selling 12" single in history, although it is alleged that due to the high cost of producing Peter Saville's elaborate sleeve design, they actually lost money on each copy sold. The electronic sound of "Blue Monday" was continued on their acclaimed second album, Power, Corruption & Lies, which decisively moved the group away from Joy Division's shadow, with Bernard Sumner more confident in his role as lead singer and lyricist of the group.

Low-Life followed in 1985, as acclaimed and successful as its predecessor, featuring what some saw as a more contemporary and accessible sound.

New Order - Low Life

Year : 1985


A1 Love Vigilantes 4:19
A2 The Perfect Kiss 4:49
A3 This Time of Night 4:45
A4 Sunrise 6:00
B1 Elegia 4:56
B2 Sooner Than You Think 5:12
B3 Sub-Culture 4:58
B4 Face Up 5:05

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Bal Oliveira said...

i love this album, tx!

Bal Oliveira said...

i love this album, tx so much!

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