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Charlie Parker and Chet Baker - Bird & Chet

This jazz collector's gem captures a set by two tragic, self-destructive yet historically immortal giants at a club in Inglewood, CA, June 16 1952. As a bonus, the pair are joined by the late Sonny Criss, one of the best and most under-recognized Parker-influenced alto players. Parker was at this time an established musician, and Baker was just out of the Army, on his way up. The concert, which is excellently recorded with sharp, crisp detail, gives everyone a chance to stretch out beyond the confines of a recording studio.

Everyone here sounds inspired, with little wandering and no wasted notes. Baker sounds like he's been listening to a lot of Dizzy & Miles, and while his style hadn't yet fully formed, he more than keeps up with his company. Parker and Criss play with rich-as-fudge, mercurial, blues-drenched tones. If you're a Parker fan, you should own this release. If you're a Baker fan, and you want a look at his early years, dig in. If you love live jazz (bop/mainstream style) albums, this is one of the better ones.
This record was made in the Trade Winds Club in Inglewood, California, on 16 June, 1952. It was re- issued in 1992 under the label Jazz Door (JD 1209). The sound quality is not ideal. There is apparently a warning on the original disk: "Historic Recording: please mind recording date when judging the sound quality"

Charlie Parker and Chet Baker - Bird & Chet

1. The Squirrel (Dameron) 15:00
2. Irresistable You (DePaul, Raye) 6:21
3. Indiana (Donna Lee) (Hanley, MacDonald, Parker) 11:25
4. Lisa (Gershwin, Gershwin) 10:13

Line up Musicians

Charlie Parker (alto saxophone)
Chet Baker (trumpet)
Sonny Criss (alto saxophone)
Al Haig (piano)
Harry Babasin (double bass)
Larance Marable (drums)

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Thanks 4 the share way cool gem you are was an important gig for Chet,it did set his coarse, not just in Bop but in all of his music. Bird planted the seeds, and history shows Chet just let them grow. Rick

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