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Air - Pocket Symphony

Air got started through the British triphop scene in 1996. The EP Modular Mix and the singles "Casanova 70" and "Le soleil est près de moi" were released on the Source label (France), all later collected on Premiers Symptômes.

Their debut album Moon Safari made them famous, a retro-futurist ambient rock with electronics. The album yielded singles in the form of "Sexy Boy", "Kelly Watch the Stars" and "All I Need" (sung by the American singer-songwriter Beth Hirsch). Jean-Jacques Perrey co-wrote "Remember", one of several songs that make use of the vocoder. Although Air was was meant to be a studio-project, to promote the album they hit the road in Europe and North America with members of the American synthesizer band The Moog Cookbook.

After the two-month tour Godin and Dunckel went to their studio in the woods of Versailles, where they recorded The Virgin Suicides, the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola debut feature film. It tells the story of a family with five daughters, who commit suicide, one by one. The music is correspondingly dark and melancholic, dramatic and ambient. "Playground Love" was the only small hit from the album.

In May of 2001 10 000 Hz Legend was released with a variety of guest musicians: drummer Brian Reitzell, bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen, guitarist Roger Joseph Manning Jr, as well as Beck, the girls from Buffalo Daughter and Jason Falkner among others.

Everybody Hertz is a collection of dance-remixes by (among others) The Neptunes, Mr. Oizo and The Hacker.

City Reading is an Italian western told by Alessandro Baricco. Godin and Dunckel take care of the background music. This performance was done live once in Rome, and afterwards once again in the studio.

Talkie Walkie was released in January, 2004.

In June of 2006 JB announced his solo project, Darkel, and the eponymous debut album was released in September, 2006. Around that same time Charlotte Gainsbourg released the album 5:55 on which Godin and Dunckel provided most of the music, with production by Nigel Godrich and most of the lyrics written by Jarvis Cocker.

In March of 2007 the duo released Pocket Symphony, with Godrich producing and a couple guest vocals by Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon.

Air - Pocket Symphony

Year : 2007


1 Space Maker 4:02
2 Once Upon a Time 5:02
3 One Hell of a Party [vocals by Jarvis Cocker] 4:02
4 Napalm Love 3:27
5 Mayfair Song 4:18
6 Left Bank 4:07
7 Photograph 3:51
8 Mer du Japon 3:04
9 Lost Message 3:32
10 Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping [vocals by Neil Hannon] 3:36
11 Redhead Girl 4:33
12 Night Sight 4:21

Pocket Symphony

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