Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Afghan Whigs - Up in It

Taking elements from grunge, post-punk, and soul, The Afghan Whigs were part of the American alternative rock boom of the early 90s, and were the first band from outside of Seattle to be signed to the legendary Sub Pop label. Though they never quite achieved a mainstream breakthrough like many of their contemporaries, they came close with their 1993 album Gentlemen and the lead single, "Debonair".

The Afghan Whigs - Up in It

Country : U.S.A.
Year : 1990


1 Retarded
2 White Trash Party
3 Hated
4 Southpaw
5 Amphetamines and Coffee
6 Hey Cuz
7 You My Flower
8 Son of the South
9 I Know Your Little Secret
10 Big Top Halloween
11 Sammy
12 In My Town
13 I Am the Sticks


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Absent Sound said...

Hey we just had a radio director compare us to these guys. I would love to check them out. Hope this link is still good. Take care and thanks

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