Sunday, January 25, 2009

Charles Mingus - The Great Concert

What a great find this was! Dolphy/Jordan/Byard/Richmond/Mingus. The greatest group of musicians Mingus ever assembled captured in the country that was most receptive to Mingus and his vision. Mingus' idols cast a long shadows here on Mingus' bass solo tribute of "Sophisticated Lady, "Parkeriana", as well as "A.T.E.W which stands for Art Tatum Fats Waller. My favorite piece is the beautiful "Orange Was The Colour Of He Dress Then Blue Silk. "Fables Of Faubus" is stretched out to a whopping 27 plus minutes, and there's not a dull moment. "So Long Eric" and "Meditations on Integration" are even more adventureous than the versions presented on Town Hall Concert. Finally, there's Eric Dolphy. He died a couple months after this concert, and this album finds him (for my money at least) playing as exciting, and amazing as I've ever heard him play. 7 tunes on the album, 4 of them clocking in at over 20 minutes. It's an exhausting experience. It's perfection. It's Mingus.

The Great Concert Of Charles Mingus

Year : 1970


A1 Introduction and Presentation 1:35
A2 Good Bye Pork Pie Hat (1ère partie) 23:30
B1 Good Bye Pork Pie Hat (2e partie) 5:40
B2 Orange Was the Colour of Her Dress 14:00
C1 Parker Iana 23:00
D1 Meditation for Integration 27:30
E1 Fable of Faubus (1ère partie) 17:20
F1 Fable of Faubus (2e partie) 11:20
F2 Sophisticated Lady 6:00


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