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Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children

Boards of Canada- Music Has The Right To Children

Origin : Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Genre :IDM, Electronic
Year : 1998


Boards of Canada, whose name derives from the National Film Board of Canada (whose documentaries were an early inspiration), are brothers Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison who claim to have been making music since childhood.

Their family emigrated to Canada when the brothers were about ten years old, coming back to Scotland when they were in their teens. The early history of the group is hazy - some sources claiming that the line-up included numerous other members and collaborators. However, what is known is that the brothers began to record their experimental electronica more seriously in the mid-to-late 80s, releasing several cassette-only albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s. By the time of their 1995 Twoism EP (or mini-LP), they had developed their own, recognisable style. 1996's Hi Scores EP continued to prepare the groundwork for what would be their biggest release thus far, their 1998 full-length debut for Warp Records, Music Has the Right to Children.

Many consider Music Has the Right to Children to be a landmark record in electronic music, for its particularly warm and nostalgic feel. It would be over 2 years before Boards of Canada followed up its release with 2000's four-track In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country EP. 2002's eagerly awaited Geogaddi, their second album for Warp, was a highly conceptual album, where they seemed to venture more into ambient soundscapes.

After three years of silence, broken only by the occasional remix for other artists, Boards of Canada returned with The Campfire Headphase, a move into more organic, folk-influenced music, in 2005.


1 Wildlife Analysis 1:19
2 An Eagle in Your Mind 6:25
3 The Color of the Fire 1:47
4 Telephasic Workshop 6:37
5 Triangles & Rhombuses 1:52
6 Sixtyten 5:50
7 Turquoise Hexagon Sun 5:07
8 Kaini Industries 1:01
9 Bocuma 1:38
10 Roygbiv 2:33
11 Rue the Whirl 6:41
12 Aquarius 6:00


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